The southern summer heat can really take a toll on your hair and skin if you aren’t protecting it. I’ve spent the last week in the sun and these products have saved me from these hot Texas rays. Here are the products I use regularly, but especially in the summer.

Face Tanner + Moisturizer– I really try not to get much sun on my face and neck, but my skin tans really quickly. I mix three drops of these face tanning drops into my favorite moisturizer at night about every two days. Rub together in your palms and apply evenly on your face and neck. It gives me a natural glow and matches my tan really well. I use color “med/dark”.

BB Cream & Sunscreen– Since I don’t wear makeup at the lake, I like this BB Cream because it has SPF 30, moisturizes my skin and is slightly tinted for a light coverage. I wear shade “medium”. Sunscreen is obviously one of the most important ways to protect your skin. But after years and years of wearing it, I really trust the Neutrogena sunscreen and love their new Clear Body line.

Lip Sunscreen and Night Lip Mask– Chapped lips are never fun, but sunburnt lips are worse. This SPF lip balm is great for the daytime and I swear by the Lanegei Lip Mask at night.

Activating Hair Serum– I get asked all the time how I grew out my hair and while you can read more about that here, this serum is something I swear by. It took years of growth, but I have been using this serum once a week for almost a year and it has helped me with dry scalp, healthy roots, and thicker hair. When you grow your hair out this long, it can get stringy and I believe this serum has really helped with the fullness of growth. You can get 50% off with my code “MATTISON50”.

Heat Protectant– There are very few products that don’t weigh my long hair down. This heat protectant makes my hair SO soft and smells amazing. I apply it to towel dried hair after every wash.

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These all product sounds amazing. I would like to use them in my skincare routine. Thanks and keep sharing.

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