I hope you are having a fantastic work week.  In case you need a little pep in your step, or to your work wardrobe, theres two new additions to my closet that have me excited about work.  Something about a shift dress in blush with scallops makes me feel so southern and chic!  This is the perfect summer dress for the office and it comes in EIGHT colors and it’s only ($36).  I talked about how much I love dresses for work in this post and this one is definitely coming with me on my next business trip.  AND I love a dress that can also be worn outside of work too and this one would be chic anywhere.  Who says you’re work clothes have to be drab?  I certainly believe in the look good feel good state of mind, especially in the work place.  If you are confident with yourself, you’re likely to be confident in whatever you’re doing!

Another new addition I would like to introduce is my new handbag of the season!!  I have been on the hunt for a new purse for awhile, but haven’t really wanted to drop a couple hundred dollars on a new bag.  Shane is always a great gift giver and I really only get something like that for my birthday or Christmas so buying a new purse for summer was hard for me to spend much.  BUT thankfully I found this bag online and could not recommend it more.  It is SO stylish, kind of resembling the classic Givenchy Antigona bag in a way, but for a fraction of the price.  The quality is shockingly great too and it comes with a long strap to wear multiple ways.  I chose the nude color for summer and it is gorgeous.

Dress (Size M) | Bag | Heels | Earrings

Photos by Molly Koon Photography 

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