Fall is always one of the busiest times of year for us, but I love every bit of it.  If you saw my recent post then you know that we have a few trips coming up and this weekend we are headed to Chattanooga for Shane’s homecoming! Go Mocs!  I am known to be one of those people that is always the planner of the trips, but that also starts at home before I even get on my way.

Shane is the kind of person that can throw a few things in a bag in 10 minutes and be packed for a week long trip, leave the house as is, and just go with it.  I however am the exact opposite in this area.  I’m not sure if it’s a guy vs girl mentality but I like to have everything in order before I leave town so that when I come home… everything is still in order!

Here is my typical checklist before leaving for a trip:

One Month Before

  • Make arrangements for house sitter/ dog sitter

One Week Before

  • Confirm sitter arrangements
  • Clean guest room + clean sheets & towels
  • Make dinner reservations for trip
  • Confirm hotel/flight reservations
  • Arrange airport parking if needed

One- Two Days Before

  • Do all the dishes/ run the dishwasher
  • Wash, fold, and put away all laundry
  • Sweep and vacuum
  • Check in for flight
  • Lay out outfits
  • Fill up car with gas or check in for flight
  • Check the weather forecast

Day of Travel

  • Finish Packing
  • Clean out fridge and take out all trash
  • Adjust thermostat

Sometimes I don’t get everything on this list accomplished, but I try my best.  There’s nothing like coming home from a trip to a clean home and only having laundry from the weekend instead of the whole week’s worth.  One thing that Shane and I have learned in our first year of marriage is for me to actually write out a list and he will help me cross things off before a trip.  This has been a huge help to work together on getting everything ready.

We always hate to leave Champ too but I absolutely refuse to kennel him.  We take him with us any time we can, but if we can’t we have someone dog sit for us at our house.  Having a few people on hand that you trust always makes leaving him a little easier.

Make sure to follow along on Instagram  this weekend to see where all we are headed in Chattanooga.  Have you ever been?!  Send me your recommendations on my latest post if you have!


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