While most of my blog focuses on food & travel, I’m bringing you inside our home renovation during this chapter of our lives. We started with upgrading our family room above the garage and then moved on to the dining room and then a full kitchen renovation. Both of those rooms were simple upgrades with new furnishings. Now we are taking the knife a little deeper with new hardwood floors, kitchen and half bath remodel so far! Here’s a glimpse into life at Home with The Heatherlys.

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Kitchen Remodel

After spending so much time at home cooking in 2020, our oven bit the dust and nudged us towards what we wanted all along… to remodel out kitchen. See how we transformed our drab brown space to a beautiful grey and white dream kitchen…

kitchen remodel
Half Bath Renovation

Half Bath Renovation

After updating our floors and kitchen last year, we decided to move on to smaller projects around the house like our half bath renovation. What I thought would be a weekend of work stretched out to about a month in this tiny room off the kitchen. When we tore out the old floors, we left the laminate in this room until we were ready to remodel. 

Bonus Room Makeover

In 2019 we budgeted for travel and upgrading these spaces. What started with me just wanting to get a couch upstairs, turned into Shane building shelves for the bar and a full transformation to follow. The previous owners had left the bar unfinished and it wasn’t a functional space…

Bonus Room Ideas | Game Room | Home Bar | Man Cave Ideas

Dining Room Upgrade

A few months ago, Shane decided he was going to build us a dining room table. I was so excited to have an actual dining room for the first time in my adult life! Not to mention we were hosting my family from Texas for Christmas so this was going to be perfect. Our dining room was kind of an eye sore before to be totally honest. It was an empty room for the longest time that I used as a home gym, but we always knew we would eventually use it properly…

Patio Makeover

Last year, we updated this little corner of heaven with a new couch, some curtains, and a rug and it completely transformed the space. After enjoying it for a year, I can say that we have loved every minute out here.

patio decor