When I did a poll last month on my Instagram on what you wanted to see in 2020 from the blog, a lot of you said more real life. I love that you are interested in this, even though it is sometimes hard for me to share the daily happenings of my life on Instagram. It can be awkward at times to share anything really, but I’m here for it! As seasons change so do my interests and daily life. I thought I would be fun to share a seasonal post on what is going on in our life and what I’m loving in that season.

Styles I’m Loving

Winter Fashions

Fall and winter are my favorite fashion seasons because you can change an entire look with a coat or jacket. Some of my essentials for these seasons are a great neutral coat, a leather jacket, a casual puffer, and something super warm. My most worn item this cold season has been my compact puffer that is so warm and easy to pack. EVERY style is in right now and fun colors and prints are making a huge comeback. This site is one of my favorites for coats of every style and price range. Here are some looks I’m loving:

Workout & Athleisure

Last year, Shane bought me my first pair of Lululemon Align leggings for my birthday. I was always one of those people that turned my nose up at this brand for being so expensive for workout wear. THEN I put these on my body and my outlook totally changed. I now have three pair of the align leggings and I am constantly reaching for them when dressing in athleisure.

Here me out… not only are they super soft, but they don’t fall down! I hate when I am constantly tugging at my pants to pull them up throughout the day or a workout. These are worth every penny to me. I’m 5’5″ and I prefer the 25″ length but if you are taller I would order the 28″. I’m also OBSESSED with biker shorts right now!! These are my favorite and come in so many colors. I love to throw them on with a hoodie or oversize top and call it a day. Here are some great athleisure items:

Everyday Life

Beauty & Self Care

I started to use Tula a few months ago and have been really impressed with how my skin looks and feels. I still use my Neutrogena Hydra Boost cleanser most days and do a mask about once a week as well. I am still 100% on the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation bandwagon. Nothing stays on my face for all day wear like this does for me.

I received a lot of messages on Instagram when I did a quick hair tutorial last week. I may do a blog post on what I changed to grow my hair out so long, but I included some of my favorite products below. TBD.

Over the holiday’s it was so hard to get to the gym, but I have been doing the Barre3 January Challenge with a Club Pilates workout each week. I am loving how I feel and getting a jump on swimsuit season is huge. This time last year we rolled from the holidays straight into our trip to Belize. It took me awhile to recover from three months of nothing but eating and drinking so I wanted to kickstart this year right! I talked more about that in this post.

Food & Drink

Shane and I start every day off with a cup of good ol cup of coffee with CoffeeMate French Vanilla. It’s like an addiction, and I’m okay with it. LOL I don’t really eat breakfast, tend to have a salad at lunch and we cook for dinner most nights. This month I cut back on drinking after the holiday’s, but didn’t limit myself to a “dry January”. I’m not a fan of diets and trends like that. Since the addition of the bar upstairs, we have enjoyed creating cocktails and playing with recipes up there as well.

We have always cooked a lot at home during the week nights and tend to go out on the weekend. We have been cooking a ton of chicken and vegetables (blah), along with soups and more comfort foods this season. I tried the new Market on Main for lunch a few weeks ago and their chicken salad was incredible. This weekend we are finally going to try iL Georgione in Columbia, which has been on my list for forever!

Shows & Music

Music- I cannot get enough of Kacey Musgraves right now! I listened to her Christmas album all last month and have had her “Golden Hour” album on repeat so much lately.

Shows- Shane and I have shows that we watch together and separately. I tend to watch more drama and chick flicks when I’m alone or on my lunch break when I can. We just finished season one of “YOU” and I honestly don’t think I can do season two!! I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to suspenseful shows and you will never catch me watching horror films. I think we will keep binging American Housewife instead. One of my favorite “girl shows” just started back on Freeform, The Bold Type and I hate to admit it, but I also am watching The Bachelor! I’m not a huge fan of this season, but we’ll see where it goes. I feel like everyone is always looking for a new show so here are some other favorites:

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (together) — one of my faves of all time!
  • Schitt’s Creek (me)
  • Yellowstone (together)
  • Parks & Rec (together)
  • The Bachelor (me)
  • Grace & Frankie (me)
  • The Politician (me)
  • Dead to Me (me)
  • Younger (me)
  • Big Little Lies (me)
  • Jack Ryan (together)
  • Bodyguard (together)
  • The Witcher (together)
  • Downton Abbey (together)

Bloggers I’m Loving

Through the different seasons of life, I tend to follow other bloggers for inspiration, laughs, fashion and whatever else. A few OG’s that I have always loved to follow are @kathleenbarnes, @dthompsy, @lindsilanestyle, @champagneandchanel and @oliviarink. A few newer follows I am loving are @weworewhat— who is a total freaking boss and motivates me like crazy, @courtandkelly–these two babes are so fun and I love following their life and fashions, @jamiekidd— gives me major inspo for just being yourself and working out bod goals, and @lindsaysilb who I love for her realness and travel guides.


Since we hosted my family for Christmas and I was starting a new job at the beginning of January, we haven’t traveled hardly at all this season. I am honestly so antsy for a trip, but we have a very full summer coming up that will use a lot of our vacation days and hope to have some fun weekend trips along the east coast this spring! Last year we really traveled a lot and I am so grateful!

I hope this post gave you a little glimpse in my life off camera, and that you found something to relate to. We are all doing similar things: working, trying to be healthy, have a love life, enjoy friends, travel, see family, eat well, have fun. I just happen to share mine online :). Thank you for following along as always!

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