The Hot Spot: Lula Drake

Located in the heart of down Columbia, Lula Drake catches the eye of anyone strolling down Main Street. It’s elegant entry and boasting windows are intriguing to all who pass. What lies inside is the most delightful wine bar that any city could offer. Smooth jazz comes from the speakers (or the band) and you … Continue Reading

Lone Mountain Ranch Vacation

Tucked away along a dirt road right outside of Big Sky, Montana sits the most dreamy escape known as Lone Mountain Ranch. Surrounded by 150 acres of land, this dude ranch embodies the ultimate luxury destination with a rustic feel. If you’re looking for the perfect mountain getaway this is absolutely the place to be.

The Hot Spot: Freshe Poke

Columbia was graced with the opening of the THIRD Freshe Poke location on August 6th, 2019. After two successful ventures, in the Vista and Irmo, the Forest Acres location brings all your favorites to the new rejuvenated space on forest drive.

Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club

Boca Resort Review & Recap This past weekend was nothing short of incredible. We arrived on a rainy Thursday afternoon to the Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club Waldorf Astoria Resort. With eagerness and excitement, we stepped into a weekend of absolute paradise. Knowing we were in for quite the treat, we weren’t quite sure … Continue Reading

How To Afford Traveling in Your 20’s

Being from a small town in west Texas, I always knew there was so much more the world had to offer. Traveling is one of my truest passions and a priority for us when planning our finances together. I started this blog to share my travels with you, but I also want to share how … Continue Reading

Pros & Cons of a Caribbean Vacation in January

Black Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom (size up) | Earrings | Beach Cover | Sunglasses It seems that the last few months absolutely flew by. With our vacation to Mexico in November, the holidays in December, and Belize in January we decided to chill at home this month and get back into the groove of … Continue Reading

Placencia, Belize Travel Guide

So you’re planning a trip to Placencia?! Congratulations, you’ve made a fantastic decision!! In Placencia you will find an untouched paradise with fabulous local fare and gorgeous waters. If you’re looking for a low-key destination to unwind and relax, you’ve chosen the right place. Here are a few other things you should know before you … Continue Reading

How to Be More Confident

Happy Monday from our Belize adventure!!! I am so excited to share today’s post with you! In each Monday with Mattison post, I hope to offer advice that is meaningful and may apply to your life too. Today we are three weeks into our New Years resolutions. I hope to encourage your outlook on yourself … Continue Reading

A Thanksgiving Escape to Mexico

In celebration of a whole lot of goodness in our lives around this time of year, we decided to plan a trip to Mexico with my family for Thanksgiving.  Our one year anniversary was September 30th, mine and my mom’s birthday was last week, and the holidays are right around the corner.   That certainly … Continue Reading

One Year Down, Forever to Go

¡Hola from Mexico! We are SO excited to be here in Playa del Carmen, celebrating our one year anniversary and Thanksgiving with my family!  I cannot believe that we have already been married for a year and now we are back just a few miles from where we honeymooned last year.