Our Patio Makeover

Our last cold snap is (hopefully) behind us here in Columbia, which means I will be chasing sunlight and spending my days working on our patio once again. Last year, we updated this little corner of heaven with a new couch, some curtains, and a rug and it completely transformed the space. After enjoying it … Continue Reading

Our Kitchen Remodel

I am so excited to announce that our kitchen remodel is DONE!!! I know it may have seemed finished from what I have shared on Instagram, but there was one last thing we wanted to do… update the lighting. After living in it for the last 6 months, I can honestly say that I love … Continue Reading

Half Bath Renovation on a Budget

After updating our floors and kitchen last year, we decided to move on to smaller projects around the house like our half bath renovation. What I thought would be a weekend of work stretched out to about a month in this tiny room off the kitchen. When we tore out the old floors, we left … Continue Reading

Our Neutral Dining Room Upgrade

A few months ago, Shane decided he was going to build us a dining room table. I was so excited to have an actual dining room for the first time in my adult life! Not to mention we were hosting my family from Texas for Christmas so this was going to be perfect. Our dining … Continue Reading

What We’ve Been Doing at Home During Quarantine

It’s no secret that most of our lives have changed pretty drastically over the last few months. While I am used to working from home, I was never home this much, especially not on the weekends. With this extra time to myself, I have tried to use it for good. Though many evenings are spent … Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning & Organization

March in South Carolina is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is mild, things are starting to bloom, and other than my allergies flaring up, I love it. Plus a good spring cleaning around the house always makes me feel good. I just deep cleaned our house this week and it feels … Continue Reading

Bonus Room Reveal

Some may call it a bonus room, family room, or game room, but we call it “The Lounge”. What started as a silly joke between friends will always be a memory for us. I promise you had to be there to get it, so for everyone’s sake I’ll leave it at that and share what … Continue Reading