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It seems that the last few months absolutely flew by. With our vacation to Mexico in November, the holidays in December, and Belize in January we decided to chill at home this month and get back into the groove of real life. A few people have asked about our recent trip to Belize and what it was like taking a trip like that in January. Although Belize was an absolute dream, I am indifferent about the timing of taking a trip like this in January. Here are my thoughts…

Catamaran in Belize @mattisonheatherly

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  • You are escaping the winter cold weather
  • Destinations are less crowded
  • The weather in the Caribbean is prime & not too hot
  • Shopping in the off season for your trip means great sales on beachwear, swimsuits, etc.
  • Having to be in a swimsuit in the winter keeps you in the gym year round
  • It’s the Caribbean… it’s gorgeous


  • You just finished the holidays so it doesn’t feel like you have earned a vacation
  • You’re pale from winter
  • You probably ate way too much around the holidays
  • It’s impossible to get in the work groove after New Years because you’ve got vacation brain
  • It’s still really cold when you return home
  • Some days can be a little chilly still in the Caribbean and the water can be too
Pina Coladas in Belize


Since we are talking about the time of year specifically and not our actual trip, I will say that I much preferred going on vacation to the Caribbean in November. The weather is still cooler than most months, you’re headed into the holidays and eager for vacation, and you haven’t had so much to eat from Thanksgiving & Christmas yet that you might pop. Since we love to snow ski, I think in the future we will embrace the cold as we have in the past by doing a ski trip in the winter months.

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I hope this was insightful and answered any doubts or questions that you may have had about planning a beach vacation in January. You can find the links to any of these vacation outfits in this post. Thanks for reading!

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