Spend the day in fabulous Denver, CO

An Afternoon in Denver Colorado | Where to explore & eat!

I will start off by saying WOW, what an amazing trip!! Colorado exceeded all my expectations and then some.  We started off the trip with spending a day in Denver. The beautiful, eclectic capital of CO. After a long night of flying cross country, we stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn near the Denver Airport.  We had planned on going downtown for breakfast, but our hotel had a delicious free hot breakfast that we couldn’t beat.  So we took off after breakfast to explore the city and honestly we needed a whole weekend to do so! Unfortunately, we only had a few hours before we needed to drive to the Ski Resort, so we hit the high parts.  Check back tomorrow for my post on the rest of our trip skiing Vail & Keystone!

The Capitol

I’m not big on tours because I like to go at my own pace, but we just walked around and looked at the beautiful architecture of this antiquated building. There is a museum on the top floor on the senate side for you history buffs that displays the history of building the Capitol. The building is absolutely beautiful inside and covered in brass coating.  The capitol is also in a neat area of town where there are old historic homes and local restaurants.

Exploring the Denver Capitolimageimage

The Source

Y’all… I don’t know how to explain how much every city needs a place like this. Basically it is an old warehouse that has vendors selling their awesomeness inside.  These vendors consisted of two full restaurants (street tacos, and wood-fired fare), a coffee shop, a liquor/wine store, a small gallery, a brewery (that was awesome), a bakery, and a meat market.  We got something from every vendor except the meat market and it was so fun. Check out their website for more information. (You’ll be glad you did!)


The Crooked Stave Brewery had a vast variety of sour beers.  I had never tried a sour beer before but it was actually very crisp and refreshing.  Highly recommend at least tasting a few of these local brews.


We chose “Comida” Street Tacos out of the two restaurants because who doesn’t love tacos right?! And man did we choose right.  As you can see in the image below, that plate full of deliciousness consists of five different tacos, chips and queso, and a a beef “mexi mess”.  Yum!


Here is the Menu (there’s not one on The Source website)


I will most definitely be back to explore more of downtown Denver!

image image

Check out my post on the rest of our trip skiing Vail and Keystone!!

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