10 Airport Courtesies from a Business Traveler

Alright you guys, something that has been a little heavy on me lately is how seriously inconsiderate people have been in airports lately.  As most of you know, I am a consultant so I travel for a living, sometimes every week.  So I have been in my fair share of airports, I’ve experienced the delays, the stress, and even missed flights and with that, LOTS of people watching.  The more I travel, the more I see things in airports that are so frustrating to a business traveler, so here’s my blunt, yet truthful list of airport courtesies that everyone should know.

10.  Stop lining up to board out of order.

Unless you fly Southwest, if you look at any gate in the airport close to boarding time, it is just a huge cluster of people and you can’t tell where the line is.  They have boarding orders for a reason, if you are in Zone 4, do not go stand up by the boarding gate until at least Zone 3 has gone.  The boarding zones go like this: People who need additional assistance or traveling with children, First Class & Diamond/Platinum, Sky Priority/Gold, THEN Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

9. Stowe your carry-on bags on the correct side.

In case you didn’t know… If a plane has two seats on one side and three seats on the other, all rolling bags are to be placed on the THREE seat side regardless of what side you are sitting on.  Put your smaller items like a duffel bag, backpack, etc. either under your seat or on the TWO seat side.

8. Be Kind

If someone asks you a question, do not be rude.  Traveling is a high stress activity for most people and someone being rude to you is absolutely the last thing anyone needs.  Whether it is someone asking you what zone is boarding or if they can slide out of the seat to use the restroom, just be kind.

7. Stop hoarding around the Baggage Claim. People cannot see their bags over you!!!

Y’ALL this is so unnecessary and drives me insane every time.  I think there should be a line that everyone has to wait behind before getting their bag.  When everyone is hoarding around the baggage belt, the people behind you cannot even see their bags when they come out of the shoot.  You should stand back, watch the shoot for your bag, THEN approach the belt to retrieve it.

6. Think about what food you bring on the plane.

I totally get it that airports are crazy and sometimes there is no other choice than to grab something quick and eat it on the plane.  Trust me I’ve been there before.  BUT if you are the person that loaded up your burger with onions and are crunching a bag of chips as loud as the plane engines, you will not be one of my favorite people.  Keep in mind that the airplane has only recycled air and you are sitting within about 10 people’s personal bubble on a plane.  No one wants to hear you chew or smell your food for a two hour flight.

5. Be prepared with your ID and Boarding Pass.

You are going to need your ID two times and your boarding pass two times. Have them ready.  You will need your ID at the check in counter and at security.  You will need your boarding pass at security and at the boarding gate. Simple 🙂

4. Be Mindful of Aisle Seats When Boarding

I have been hit in the face SO many times I have lost count.  Hold your shoulder bags in front of you when boarding.  When your bag is behind you, it is likely to flop between seats and hit people.

3. Two words… Personal Hygiene

This goes both ways, body odor or too much perfume can be miserable in a plane.  Like I said about food, you are in a plane with only recycled air… no one wants to smell you. If you know you are going to fly that day, all you need to put on is deodorant, even one spritz of perfume is too much.  Think about it, if everyone on a plane wore one spray of cologne or perfume, can you imagine the headache you would have from all the smells?

2. Get Out of the Way

If I had to guess, I’d say about 70% of the time, people in an airport are in a hurry.  Even when I’m not in a hurry, I tend to walk very fast in airports because of the flow of people.  Be cautious of your surroundings, don’t walk three deep across the walkways in case people need to get around you, and don’t stand in the middle on your cell phone like you’re not in the way, you are.

1. Help People In Need

I’m not sure if its a sense I have but I can see a look of panic on people’s faces.  Usually this is in Atlanta airport because people don’t know how to get to their gate.  If you see someone that looks like they are lost and you know how to direct them, just offer some direction.  I just say “can I help you?” and either they are delighted that someone offered a helping hand or they say no thank you and walk on.


I hope you found something on this list that made you think “Oh my gosh, yesssssss”.  If not, then maybe these things will be more noticeable to you in your future travels.

Please pass this on and share the post so that everyone will be a knowledgeable and courteous traveler from here on out.

I’d love to hear your input also, comment below what your travel pet peeves are.

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