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  • Our last cold snap is (hopefully) behind us here in Columbia, which means I will be chasing sunlight and spending my days working on our patio once again. Last year, we updated this little corner of heaven with a new couch, some curtains, and a rug and it completely transformed the space. After enjoying it for a year, I can say that we have loved every minute out here. The couch is incredibly comfortable and has held up well (though it is out of the weather). The curtains and rug still look brand new and add such a cozy element to being outdoors. All we need is room for a…

  • I love a good weekday lunch date alllllmost as much as I love a weekend brunch, especially after working from home the last few years. The more my business grows, the more I am finding myself either downtown looking for a quick bite after a meeting or a nice place to meet friends or clients for lunch. I put together this list of some of the best local restaurants for lunch in Columbia based on my experiences. I would love to hear from you where we should try next. SmallSugar Spotted Salamander Gourmet Shop Cafes Spotted Salamander (Downtown Historic District) $ | Patio- A local favorite for every foodie in…

  • One of my favorite Christmas traditions at parties is to play Dirty Santa. Dirty Santa is a festive game where everyone brings a gift (not a gag gift) at a predetermined price point and you can steal each other's gifts. It is always fun for Christmas parties and I prefer it to White Elephant where you have silly or gag gifts at a cheap price point because everyone gets to go home with something somewhat nice. Personally I like a $30 budget for this game so that people can get creative without feeling too restricted. (more…)