A few months ago, Shane decided he was going to build us a dining room table. I was so excited to have an actual dining room for the first time in my adult life! Not to mention we were hosting my family from Texas for Christmas so this was going to be perfect. Our dining room was kind of an eye sore before to be totally honest. It was an empty room for the longest time that I used as a home gym, but we always knew we would eventually use it properly.

He did an AMAZING job with our table and it was really fun to decorate this room with it being the focal point. I am still on the hunt for the perfect light fixture, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this space with you. Plus here’s a peek at our new floors!!! Here’s our sweet space we have spent countless hours now with friends and family breaking bread and clinking glasses.

Dining Room Decor
Modern Dining Room
Neutral Grey Rug
Neutral Dining Room Decor
Farmhouse Table

Table Details

Shane is very handy when it comes to DIY projects and wood work. He built our floating shelves for our home bar too, but this table is the real showstopper. We hired a welder to create the steel base and had them powder coat it a matte black. The wood for the table top is from a local wood yard and was actually from one of the white oak trees the city removed for the new Bullstreet District. I love that we will always have a piece of Columbia with us everywhere we go.

Dining Room Decor Details

Floors: White Oak 5″ Character Solid Hardwood

Wall Paint: “Feldspar Pottery” by Sherwin Williams at Lowes

Rug Size: 9×12

Table wood & stain: White Oak with “Dark Walnut” stain

Wall art is from Home Goods, but my rug and chairs are available below.

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Hi! I absolutely love the look of this table and was wondering what size you went with 36×72? Or longer? Looking to build one for our house as well!


Hi Casey, it is 4ft by 8ft! We LOVE it! Best of luck in building, we still have saw dust in the corners of our garage haha! 🙂


Hi Casey, my name is Robin the table looks great I am looking to build one for my daughter for Christmas. I understand that it is whit oak with dark mahogany. But did your husband use anything like a polyurethane or something eles? Or did he just use the stain and that was it?


Hi Robin, how exciting! He used the stain and then several coats of minwax clear spray lacquer. Best of luck!

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